Floor Lamps, Wall and Ceiling Lights, Table Lamps and More

At 17-90 Lighting Showroom you will discover the perfect interior lighting designs for your needs. Our relationships with manufacturers who literally define the lighting industry allow you to create you own design statement all while maintaining a budget conscious approach.

Whether its floor and table, ceiling, chandelier, wall, track, or recessed you’ll find remarkable, well-crafted lighting fixtures that will transform your home and enhance your lifestyle.

The highest quality standards and exceptional design combined with energy efficiency and affordability.

Floor Lamps & Table Lamps

Come and discover the latest in floor lamps and table lighting at the 17-90 Lighting Showroom. We have a large in-store selection of lamps including Tiffany lamps, table lamps, salt lamps, desk lamps, bedside lamps, and a wide array of lamp shade colors and styles.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, rest assured that we can order your lamp direct from our lighting suppliers. It’s just part of the extraordinary customer service we provide at the 17-90 Lighting Showroom.

Preview our lamp product lines on our top suppliers websites and then come check them out in our showroom.

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Come find the perfect chandelier for your home. From classic designs to modern interpretations on the chandelier we have it all – even miniature chandeliers that are the rage in small space interior design applications like bedside and bath. Style, size, finish – you can have it all in today’s chandelier offerings available at 17-90 Lighting Showroom.

See even more chandelier options at the websites of our fine suppliers.

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Recessed Lighting & Under Cabinet Lighting

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen lighting or just want to add LED under cabinet lighting to your existing cooking space. We’ll help you find the right options to create the look you want. Our lighting professionals will discuss the space with you and ensure your choice will work perfectly.

Increased energy efficiency and high technology advances define today’s recessed lighting products. At 17-90 Lighting Showroom you will find a full range of styles – LED Linear Lightbars, flexible LED Linear Ribbon, LED and Xenon under-cabinet lighting fixtures, task HP puck lighting, and dimmable recessed downlights.

Below you will find the websites of our recessed lighting suppliers where you can click to preview our full product line.

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Pendant Lighting & Track Lighting

Hanging lights can add the style you want for kitchen islands, tables, and special areas you want to highlight. With hundreds of options available, we’ll be sure to find the right lights to match your design. Today’s track lighting is where form and function meet high technology in the industries’ most impressive advances in energy efficiency. From incandescent to halogen, LED, line voltage, low voltage, or a wide array of styles and finishes you will find it all at the 17-90 Lighting Showroom. In our in-store Lighting Lab you can experience first-hand the benefits of each track lighting option. We’ll be pleased to demonstrate the features of each so that you can be confident in your lighting selection.

Check out these websites from our track lighting suppliers where you can preview our full product line of track lighting, spot and pendant lighting.

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Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lighting are one of the most exciting and diverse categories of lighting in today’s homes. Come discover 17-90 Lighting Showroom’s compelling selection of ceiling lighting. From a multitude of flush mount styles to the most creative pendant fixture designs, you will be sure to find the perfect lighting solutions to bring your living spaces alive.

Visit our suppliers’ websites below to preview our ceiling lighting product lines.

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Interior Wall Lighting

Choose from a huge selection of wall sconces, wall mounted lamps, and vanity lighting fixtures. We carry the full line of interior wall mount lighting by major manufacturers like Innovations Lighting, Elk Lighting, and others.

Browse the websites of our suppliers to preview available lighting products.

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Whatever your interior lighting needs, come see our showroom for thousands of options and styles to choose from. We’ll help you pick the perfect lighting fixtures.

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